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I Remember
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Light and Shadow
Striking Back
The Bahamas

Bottom of the Barrel
Mini statement
The Dame and I
Dear Sir
Learning to Live
Don't forget your toothbrush

Cock au Vin
My World
The Cabbie's Tale
Dear Vinnie
Barrel of Laughs
The Ballad of Cactus Jack

Watts Up?
Lofty Thoughts

Read Here
Dear Keith

Bespoke Taylor
If it aint broke...

Lemon Tart
Stands the church clock at ten to three?
Where's Ben Warris when you need him?
In search of Gill Gill
More Sage than Onion
Is there a smell in here or is it me?
What A Walley

Russels Up
A faint Russell of Spring
In Praise of Sanch
History of Education Address

Ray's Doubts about The Matter
Split personality

Tales from the New Forrest
A subjective view

As I Saw It

Nigel Looks Back
Fun and Games
by Graham Sager
Vinnie Reminisces
Science At Hathershaw
by Keith Royales
A New Teacher's View by John Evans
A New Teacher's View Part 2;The Class of '59
by John Evans

Architects Plan and The Lancaster Bomber
School Building Completed
School Opens
History of Hathershaw School  by Nigel Marland
Review of HTHS Staff by Mike Russell
Chron Report of First Speech Day March 1960
The Early Years at the Tech by Ray Oliver
The First School Trip   by Ray Oliver
Early School Trips  by David Shore
Robin Hill prior to HTHS  by Keith Hernon
The Founding of HTHS  by Harold Wareing
Early recollections
from Ian Roberts
Early Recollections from Peter Marsh
Sheila Swift
Please Miss.....
History Of Education in Oldham

Letter to The Chronicle from Ian Wrigley

Brief Lives
Biographies of Classmates
Mellow Drama
Hathershaw's Dramatic Society by Peter Halliwell

A Review of HTHS Productions by Mike Russell

The Dramatic Society and Me  by Ian Wrigley
Letters from the Staff
Mr Harold Wareing
Mrs Shiela Healey
Another Brick in the Wall
Fat Dog's Yellow Bike
Retrospective    Chapter one
Retrospective    Chapter two
Retrospective    Chapter three

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Bike ride to Southport
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The Technique
The Greatest Soul Band of the 60's by Keith and Stuart.
Starting Up by Fred Wrigley
Oldham Chronicle Reports
School Building Completed
First Speech Day March 1960
Initial call for the Oct 2009 Reunion
Progress Report on Oct 2009 Reunion
Reunion Venue - The Lyceum
Gill Gill's Beatles Photograph
Peter and Kathleen's Golden Wedding Anniversary
Reunion 2010 announcement

Reunion Party 2010
Christmas Lunch
11th December 2009
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