Monday March 28th 1960
Hathershaw's first Speech Day was held on Friday 25th March 1960. I was in my first year and was present as a member of the school choir. On the Monday, the following report appeared in the Oldham Chronicle. During the school assembly on Tuesday, the morning after,  Mr Bell was extremely embarrassed and told us that this wasn't his intention and that a more general report of the Speech Day, plus quotes from his guest, Mr J. E. Richardson, was what he wanted. He was going to contact the Chronicle later that day and ask them to write another.
Since the advent of this website I have been telling others about this newspaper article and even remembered the title. No-one else recalled this at all and for a while I was beginning to doubt it myself.
So today, 4th February 2010, whilst Nigel and I were at the local interest centre in Oldham, looking through old newspaper reports for inclusion in Mike's piece on Drama at HTHS, we decided to see if the article existed. Imagine my delight when it scrolled across the screen onto which the microfilm was projected. We looked for a follow up report as CCB had wanted but found none. The Chron obviously denied the request.
It's interesting to see that the roots of HTHS started in 1943 (see Nigel's history), transferred from Robin Hill, that it took in only '11 plus' rejects but in 1954 entered the first students for GCE examinations. It's a testament to Charles Bell, and all the staff, that ten years later the school was to outperform all other Oldham schools in GCE exam passes.

1960 Speech Day Report - Oldham Evening Chronicle.